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About Main Street Realtors

We started this little brokerage with the vision of creating a place where our agents and clients can get the support and services they need in a friendly and professional environment. 20 years later, we are proud to have accomplished exactly that. Our office and the environment we have cultivated is one of professionalism mixed with a comfortable family atmosphere where our agents and clients can tote along pets or kids and still get business done. And today, Main Street Realtors is a respected name in Santa Cruz County and beyond, providing the full range of real estate services in a friendly boutique setting, and our ongoing role is to be the one-stop shop where all your real estate needs are met. 


Here at Main Street, we believe an agent gains respect more by the extent of their knowledge and ability to help people reach their goals, than by the kind of car they drive, the kind of clothes they wear, or frankly, even the amount of business they handle.


Instead of competing over who’s the best, we prefer to share with our peers and make it a priority to be accessible and help our clients and fellow agents as needed. We view real estate as a collaboration rather than a competition. We’re not out to prove we are better than anyone else. Instead, it is our hope that by sharing our knowledge and resources, we can all elevate the profession to a new era where it is recognized that everyone benefits by raising the bar for each other.

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