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Buy Before You Sell

A New Way To Buy at The Dwellings

The Program Basics

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

  • ​Eligible households with sufficient home equity can purchase a new home before selling their current one, eliminating the need for a bridge loan.

  • Available to homeowners with at least 30% equity, with specific restrictions on qualifying transactions.

  • A solution for those feeling stuck, providing a smoother process for eligible buyers to enjoy their new home without delays. No need to have your home on the market over the Holidays.

Flexible Timelines 

  • Enjoy a smooth transition to a new home without the necessity of having your current home on the market during the Holidays.

  • Buyers have 90 days post-closing on the new home to finalize the sale of their current residence.

Costs & Coverages

  • The up-front cost is 2.4% on the unlocked equity, covered entirely by Workbench and Firmus once the buyer is cleared to close on a home at The Dwellings.

  • No interest is charged, and the program aims to unlock maximum equity, offering up to 4 months' mortgage and moving expenses.

Upside Gaurantee

  • If the current home sells for more than the unlocked equity amount, buyers receive additional proceeds per the upside guarantee, less regular selling costs and a 2.5% program fee.

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Make a stronger offer with no sale contingency and a guaranteed back-up offer on your existing home.

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