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The Selling Process

The first step we take on your sales journey is the Initial Pricing Analysis, the purpose of this analysis is to get a baseline valuation of your property based on comparable properties. After the initial pricing analysis we take our evaluation to the next level with a Site Walk Through, were we set up a time with you to walk through the property and take notes on property conditions, upgrades, and work to be done. When the site walk through is finished its time to Create an action plan. The action plan comes with a list of suggested improvements that would increase your chances of a quick and easy close as well as the the potential to increase your return on investment, we will provide the valuation range based on those improvements or if you decide to sell as is. When the action plan is established its time for the Listing agreement. After the listing agreement is signed we will jump into action and get any prep-work (if needed) scheduled and executed to get your property ready to market. Once your property is in order its time to prepare a marketing package. Your marketing package will come equip with Photos, a 3D tour, floor plans, web page, printed materials, and will be listed on the MLS. The last step we take with you before the property goes live is preparing a comprehensive disclosure package. The disclosure package will be provided as part of the listing and will include, state required disclosures, reports, estimates, permit history, environmental history, and any other document that might be on file like historic records for example. It is also suggested that home inspections and pest inspections are purchased and put into the discloser package as well. Now for the moment you have been waiting for, after all the steps that have been thoroughly executed your property goes live! At this point open houses are held and all buyer inquiries are reported as well as regular updates and feedback on the progress of the sale of your property.  

Ready to sell? Lets get you started 

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