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The Heart and Soul of a Real Estate Company

This week we celebrate the 18-year anniversary of Main Street Realtors and take a look back on its evolution through the years.

I have come to see the company as an abstract concept around which relationships are formed and developed, where our character is defined by our words and deeds, and where a reputation is developed around which business is built.

Celebrating an anniversary provides an opportunity to take pause and get perspective on the bigger picture that surrounds our daily activities. And in so doing, we gain a clearer perspective of what it’s all about.

At the heart of everything is the relationship we share with every person who graces our doors, each one integral to the success or failure that emerges from the collective transactions and interactions that we participate in on a daily basis. These include the tenants and the property owners, the buyers and sellers, the vendors and the agents,

both from other offices and within the company.

Of course, no one of this could work without the help of our team of agents and staff, who bring and build the company culture with the perfect blend of light-hearted humor and intelligence that provides the backdrop to the daily work that gets done, as we navigate each challenge with the necessary skill and commitment it takes to effectively serve our clients.

It occurs to me that through being joined together at the company, and through the work that each of us do, our lives have become interwoven to gain a common context. And in the course of running the business, our relationships and identities have evolved in the course of each interaction as we continually strive to define ourselves as capable and honorable forces of positive impact.

Along the way, our actions are rewarded to varying degrees by the monetary measure of success that defines success or failure in empirical terms—and our best work often goes

unpaid—but there is far more to success than the financial bottom line. Instead, I prefer to measure success by the degree of happiness created or lost, the level of satisfaction

or regret that is felt, and the sense of joy or sadness that ultimately drives and feeds our overall sense of what is of true value in our lives.

And to think that all of this derived from a dream to open a real estate company 18 years ago.

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