• Datta Khalsa

We Live, Work and Play in Santa Cruz

If are seeing this in a Good Times Visitor Guide, chances are you’re visiting the area.  And whether you’re experiencing Santa Cruz for the first time or for your 100th time, no matter how many times you visit a place, nothing compares to actually living here:

The things you read about in the newspaper become more relevant to your own life as you start to recognize more and more of the people and places in it. And the news hits home at a whole different level when you have a stake in the outcome, whether it’s the politics, the sports or the births, obituaries and business announcements. In short, it’s personal.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, a real estate agent’s ties deepen in the community to the point where they are not only a skilled practitioner but where they have also become respected and active in the community.

As local agents, we live, work and play here. So what we provide runs far deeper than just having the right team of experts to bring to the table. We also have a decided edge in getting you the back story on whatever place or business you are considering, in order to apprise you of less obvious factors that may be relevant to your decision, including rumors of possible upcoming changes planned for the area, which could impact it in the future.

The best agents also function as a kind of concierge with local knowledge and insights ranging from the schools, restaurants, social and recreational facilities to the broad array of active groups in the area—like the local birthing and parenting communities, and our vibrant food, music, arts, theatre, sports, yoga, religious and other social groups, to name a few. And we draw from the first-hand perspective of our own involvement in these communities as well as through our networks of friends and clients. 

When the right agent gives you their card, you gain access to all of their knowledge—not just of real estate, but also the perspective of a trusted friend and ally. You gain an advocate who knows the players and opportunities in the marketplace, who can help you make the right decisions at every step, and who can safeguard you from potentially costly oversights or errors along the way.

I started Main Street Realtors after 10 years in the business with the vision of providing an agency completely vested both in the community and in our clients’ interests, where we have the multiple skill sets necessary to handle each aspect of their real estate needs, at every step of the way. I am pleased 13 years later to see it fully developed, to embody the very best that a Real Estate agency can offer—and where we get to Live Work and Play in this wonderful place that we call home.

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