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Commercial Services

Main Street Realtors is a Full Service Brokerage and our Commercial Division has an extensive track record of handling a broad array of commercial projects. By leveraging our industry knowledge, market expertise, and expansive network, we deliver exceptional value and successful outcomes for our clients.

Commercial Services

Property Acquisition

Through meticulous market research, property evaluations, and financial analysis, our team informs your decision-making process. We handle negotiations, due diligence, and documentation effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Examples May Include: 

Identifying suitable properties, business locations, training facilities, or admin offices.

Conducting site evaluations, zoning assessments, and negotiating purchase terms

Property Disposition

Our services are tailored to your needs. With customized campaigns by in-house marketing, we target qualified buyers and leverage our extensive network for maximum property exposure.

Examples May Include: 

Facilitating the sale of Commercial Real Estate Properties.

Conducting property valuations, market analysis, identifying buyers, negotiations, and transaction management.

Advisory & Consulting

Delivering unique insights and tailored recommendations to our clients. From commercial real estate investments and portfolio optimization to market trends and risk assessment

Examples May Include: 

Evaluating market trends, assessing opportunities for expansion or consolidations, and navigating community changes.

Providing updated research and analysis and Demand-Supply Assessments

Redevelopment & Redev Consulting

Our specialities include guiding you through the development or redevlopment process. We have a trusted list of contractors, architects, and an extensive network of professionals to streamline your process and maximize potential

Examples May Include: 

Space planning, feasibility studies, and budgeting for facility expansions and renovations.

Coordinating with architects, contractors, and government agencies to ensure compiance

Advise in the selection of new sites to support informed investment decisions.

Leasing & Tenant Representation

Finding the right tenants for your commercial properties or ideal spaces for businesses seeking leases is our specialty, and our expertise extends to lease negotiations, lease renewals, and providing tenant representation services.

Examples May Include: 

Negotiating favorable leases, addressing rental rates, lease duration, maintenance responsibilities, and renewal options

Property Management

Through meticulous market research, property evaluations, and financial analysis, our team informs your decision-making process. We handle negotiations, due diligence, and documentation effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Examples May Include: 

Offering strategic advice for managing multiple properties.

Assist with lease administrations, property maintenance, and financial analysis for optimal portfolio performance.

Pacific Cultural Center

Commercial For Sale

For Sale

140 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Offered at


Historic Bocci's Cellar

Under Contract

1307 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Offered at


Pacific Cultural Center

For Sale

4768 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA, USA

Offered at


Prime Commercial Building

For Sale

3230 Mission Dr, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Offered at


6 Delightful Village Residences

Commercal For Sale
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customized for your Property.

Commitment to customer service, efficient transaction management, and thorough property info packets set MSR apart. We strive to provide a seamless and professional experience, ensuring that your deals are handled with care and precision.

Online Listings

We utilize online listing platforms like the MLS, commercial real estate websites and other property listing portals, to showcase your property to a wide audience of potential buyers or tenants.

Collaboration with Industry Professionals

When necessary, we work closely with industry professionals such as architects, designers, videographers, and staging experts to enhance the marketing efforts for your property.

Print Media

Traditional marketing channels are STILL important so we continue collaborate with industry-specific publications, local newspapers, and magazines to feature your property in print advertisements and editorials and advertorials helping us reach a broader audience.

Email Marketing

We leverage our email distribution lists with over 10,000 contacts, including targeted audiences, developers, brokers, agents as well as current and past clientele with a related interest in the subject property to maximize exposure.

Digital Marketing

We put effort in to Search Engine Optimization, targeted ads, and utilizing social media to engage as many potential buyers as possible.

Organization & Management

Our unique approach to commercial sales and leases means that our agents assist their own clients and also freely collaborate with each other to provide the best service possible. This approach ensures that each client receives personalized attention and expertise from their dedicated agent, while also benefiting from the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team. This combination of individual attention and collaborative effort is what sets us apart and allows us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


Commercial For Lease

For Lease

Centrally Located Office Suites

542 Ocean St, Santa Cruz, CA, USA


For Lease

Prime Downtown Studio Space

1010 Center St, Santa Cruz, CA, USA


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