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IMPORTANT UPDATES: Public Safety & Hazard Management - Coastal

The project would amend the existing rules for building on coastal bluffs and beaches to address climate change and sea level rise as required by state law. The proposed rules for the construction of new homes, remodeling of existing homes, and construction and maintenance of seawalls, would build on existing rules and are intended to reflect current science related to sea level rise and different geographic and development patterns along the County’s coastline. As a result of public hearings conducted by the County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and input received from Commissioners, Board members, community groups, and individual stakeholders, the proposal has been refined and clarified to reflect the input received while balancing the County’s obligations under state law. Planning Department staff will present a final proposal to the Board of Supervisors on March 10th. The goal of this meeting is to present accurate information on the process and the proposal going before the Board in March. This meeting will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the proposal with Planning Department staff in preparation for the Board of Supervisors meeting on March 10th.

DATE: Monday March 2, 2020

TIME: 7pm

PLACE: Live Oak Elementary School, Multi-Purpose Room.

1916 Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz 95062

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