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Stronger Together

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Stronger Together

When you stop and think about it, it’s amazing how many different types of collaboration contribute to a successful experience.

During my first decade in the business, I quickly learned the value of surrounding myself with experienced help, and I would regularly tap my managing broker and other veteran agents in the office to problem solve and gain a more solid network of vendors and inspectors than simply doing an online search.

I was also fortunate early on to be invited into the Santa Cruz Masterminds Organization, a close network of 12 top agents from offices across the county who meet twice a month to share ideas, resources and market updates. Beyond its quality networking, through the years this group has also served as a source of peer support, therapy and friendship that has greatly enriched my life, not just as a professional but as a person.

My connections in the industry soon extended beyond my immediate network by virtue of the many quality agents I have met in the course of doing business with them, and it is not uncommon to reach out to a fellow professional to get their help on a project or field in which they may have additional insight. On occasion this takes the form of co-listing with other brokerages, as is the case with two of my current commercial listings in Harvey West Park.

On a manufacturing facility on DuBois, the sellers couldn’t agree on which agency to hire, so the competing broker and I agreed to co-represent the listing, with each of us acting as a trusted advisor for our individual sellers’ interests. For a historic restaurant facility around the corner on Encinal, one of the owners is an experienced local agent who wants to have an active hand in the sale but also values having someone experienced in commercial real estate on board to help ensure the listing receives the proper handling and exposure.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the collaboration in both cases—one with a seasoned veteran of a broad range of industrial properties, the other with a diligent agent/owner who is also a stickler for compliance—and both projects have benefitted from two sets of eyes and hands along the way.

Of course, the most valuable collaborations of all are with my team, starting with Carol who runs our office and Property Management, Jazmine and Risha who handle our marketing and social media, Fred who is our resident Broker Associate and my wife Mari who provides guidance at key moments. And thank God for Farrah who manages my personal business and helps with all the office’s listings and sales, as well as Steph and Tevin who deftly handle all manner of client care and property preparations.

Along the way, we manage to maintain a company culture that feels like family and can keep things light amidst even the most challenging situations, and for that I am truly grateful.

Together we are stronger, and more successful, than I could ever be alone.

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