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The Power of Possible

Change is never an easy thing, but it is usually the quickest way to make progress in life. Main Street Realtors grew to remarkable levels of success last year while still managing relatively balanced family lives. This happened largely with the help of one of the best employees we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Jesse came with the qualities of being likable, friendly, reliable, organized, efficient, a positive self-starter, and with a way of making problems just go away. The logical impact of such an individual creates the smooth and successful operation of a business with happy clients whose expectations are consistently exceeded.

So you can imagine the sense of loss we felt when he relocated to Austin to be closer to family.While we were happy for him to follow his heart, we knew that it would be tough if not impossible to replace him. But having witnessed how he had completely transcended the definition of his role had opened our eyes to the possibilities, and we could not accept less moving forward.

In life you get what you ask for, so we decided to raise the bar and ask for more than just a transaction coordinator in seeking his replacement: Instead we marketed for an “office portfolio manager”.

Giving the position a broader title better conveyed the multiple roles that we were looking to fill. In return we get a more diverse and talented group of candidates for the position, but as expected an exact replacement wasn’t to be found. In the end, since we couldn’t find one person exactly matched the broad range of skills that we were looking for, instead we hired two.

In the month since our next generation of team members came on board we have discovered skills they have which can help the business evolve and grow in ways beyond what we could have imagined had we limited our vision only to what we experienced before.

Both Peter and Sage have almost unlimited potential, and it is pushing me to new heights as a manager and mentor to teach them the business, while expanding upon the new perspective that each of them brings from their diverse backgrounds.

To be certain, the training process has not been without its challenges, but our eyes are set firmly on the future. As the saying goes, where there is confusion, there is opportunity. And as we look to the year ahead I am excited to help mold their growth and share the impact that these two remarkable individuals are capable of by embracing the power of what is possible.

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